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R-12 Industries is a novel research and development company that specializes in ballistic protection systems for military, security and law enforcement applications. R-12 applies the field of medicine, specifically surgical trauma care, to the creation of protection systems. It is based in Greenville, South Carolina. Founded by a board certified general and pediatric surgeon/law enforcement officer (an extreme rare combination), Daniel F. Saad, MD, has unique experience in trauma surgical care, military and law enforcement service. His experiences have identified vital needs for ballistic protection systems that are nonexistent currently. R-12 products are designed to preserve life and are borne out of medical research and design. They are products with a specific purpose: to protect the lives of those who serve others.

R-12 Industries was named for a specific purpose. It refers to the sixth book in the New Testament of the Bible, and the longest of the Thirteen Epistles of Paul to the Roman people. This particular chapter challenges us to be separate from the world, live for God and live like a true follower of Christ. Romans 12 is the recipe for being the best version one’s self in the eyes of God and to consider the needs of others.

The R-12 ballistic headgear is based on a proprietary production process that assembles lightweight ballistic fibers so that they conform to and around the human skull. The assembled fibers placed into a hat weighs 10-12 ounces. This aspect is important for daily wear and comfortability for the user. Ballistic testing has shown that these fibers flatten and stop the projectiles from NIJ Level IIIA threats within the outer 3mm layer of ballistic material. This translates medically to no penetration of the skull, and no direct bullet injury to the brain itself. The R-12 ballistic head gear is based on three US Patents that are the basis of the available products.

The R-12 headgear prototypes were professionally evaluated by National Technical Systems (NTS) Chesapeake for ballistic resistant material impact testing. Located near the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, NTS is a state-of-the art 60,000 square foot laboratory that specializes in providing ballistic experimentation to support munitions and protection systems. NTS is the global leader in their industry and is the ballistic choice for leading ballistic manufacturers, military suppliers and numerous US government agencies. NTS evaluated the R-12 soft ballistic head gear using the US Government standard Helmet Impact Testing protocol, where each hat was shot with a .357 SIG round at 15 feet, to obtain maximum velocity, at all four quadrants and on the hat crown. Back face deformity measurements, and the blunt force impacting the clay skull models were comparable to current NIJ Level IIIA ballistic standards for common ballistic hard helmets. Bullets were stopped within the outermost layers of the ballistic material.

R-12 ballistic head gear successfully passed stringent testing at the NIJ Level IIIA level. This
means that the R-12 head gear can protect the wearer from the most common handgun rounds,
including: .22 LR, .380 ACP, .38 special, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .357 SIG and .44 Magnum
ammunition fired from longer barrel handguns. This is the most common ballistic vest rating
worn by police officers in the United States and is the currently available rating for all common
ballistic helmets worn by law enforcement and military personnel on duty.

The R-12 line of soft ballistic headgear is the first lightweight product that offers complete 360 degree circumferential protection against NIJ Level IIIA threats. Each armored headgear weighs less than one pound. This makes the R-12 ballistic head gear more comfortable and practical to wear than a hard helmet on a regular basis, which increases compliance for users on a daily basis. In addition, the R-12 head gear is discreet in appearance, like a regular ball cap or cover used by first responders and military personnel. Thus, our products do not look intimidating to the public and will not escalate volatile situations.

R-12 armored hats weigh less than one pound at 10-12 ounces, and is 7 to 9 ounces lighter than traditional duty hats. In comparison, current hard ballistic helmets weigh anywhere from 2 to 6 pounds and have been associated with neck and back pain for users over extended periods of wear.

The R-12 ballistic head gear will slow the kinetic energy of NIJ Level IIIA threats and prevent entry of the projectile past the skull and into the brain itself. This is vital, as medical studies have shown that 80-90% of gunshot wounds that enter the brain are deadly. The bullet’s kinetic energy may still damage the skull and/or cause bruising, bleeding or swelling in the brain. However, those injuries are treatable and survivable with prompt surgical care.

The R-12 ballistic headgear is a solid and sturdy defense against NIJ Level IIIA threats. However over time, moisture, wear and exposure to the elements may render the proprietary ballistic materials ineffective against bullet threats. Thus, R-12 insists that customers not wear our ballistic headgear past its four-year expiration date. Optimal ballistic protection cannot be guaranteed or implied after the expiration date has passed.

Just like baseball caps, R-12 ballistic headgear is manufactured in different sizes to accommodate the needs of customers. An exact fit is paramount to provide the optimal protection for the wearer.

R-12 Industries is happy to accommodate any color preferences and to provide custom in-house embroidery of headgear ordered. Bulk order discounts are available from our sales team associates.
R-12 Industries is glad to arrange for agency testing of our ballistic head gear on an individual basis, commensurate with specific requests. Please contact us for more information at [email protected] .

R-12 ballistic headgear products may be purchased directly from R-12 Industries. Bulk order discounts are available. R-12 products are available to U.S. military personnel, first responder agencies, law enforcement agencies, private security teams, security transportation companies, and U.S. government agencies and officials.
R-12 Industries is committed to protecting those who serve others in the law enforcement, security, and military communities. It is our intent to give these individuals a tactical advantage against threats. Thus, per our company policy, R-12 does not make its ballistic products available for purchase by general public.

Please see our products page for a full listing of available products.

R-12 Industries is committed to protecting those who serve others in the law enforcement, security, and military communities. It is our intent to give these individuals a tactical advantage against threats. Thus, per our company policy, R-12 does not make its ballistic products available for purchase by general public.